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May 11, 2010


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Barry Whyte

Steve, trying to find that "heterogeneous" matrix myself - details very much non-existent, and your magic support system (why hide it behind a bunch of systems that need you to register and be an EMC customer or employee)

Weren't AOL about YY's only real name customer, how much of the run time was on YY vs plex?

Be much appreciated if you can post the support matrix, as so far it looks like EMC only.


Steve Todd

Hey Barry,

The 40,000 hours were all VPLEX.

The qualification matrix is indeed password protected within Powerlink, but some of the vendors mentioned during the EMC World announce included HDS, HP, 3PAR, IBM, Sun, etc. I can’t list every vendor (and every class/revision of system for that vendor) because it would quickly go stale. Hope this helps.

Barry Whyte


Thanks for the info, need to retry with Powerlink, didn't like my gmail email - didn't want EMC spam on my IBM email !

Why the need to hide support info behind this system?

Shouldn't support info be public information - I searched the 13,000 page PDF and not one reference to plex.

Steve Todd

Barry - I did log in to Powerlink to view the VPLEX support matrix and the vendors I mention above are all in there, no more no less as of the announce.

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