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March 12, 2010


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Stephen Foskett

I'm glad you brought this up. The massive scale of cloud storage operations makes errors much more likely. Hashing the database is interesting, but what about integrity checks on the data? How many systems do proactive data integrity checks?

Steve Todd

Steve - I guess it depends on what you mean by "systems". Storage Systems like V-Max or CX do their own internal "scrubbing". Centera systems do the same for objects. These are different form of proactive data integrity implemented inside EMC systems.

Stephen Foskett

Does Atmos do the kind of database hashing described above? And does it also do proactive hashing and repairing (aka scrubbing) of data?

Steve Todd

Steve, Atmos doesn't have a SQL-like database interface for customers, so the answer to your first question is no. For your second question, DaveG tells me that consistency checking of objects/meta are part of the Atmos product.


Get Cloudquery domain name before Yahoo does.
Yahoo"s purchase of Xoopit cloudquery may have well burried that Xoopit part of the name....But Cloud Query lives forever. "Cloud Query" is essentially associated to Cloud Computing as strongly as Google to "search" engine. People will indeed forget Xoopit but they will continue to "Query" the cloud as long as cloud computing exists. Here is an extract of Thinking out Coud blog:July 22, 2009

"Yahoo-Xoopit Acquisition: A Missed Opportunity?
Earlier today I published a blog post on GigaOm about the Yahoo-Xoopit acquisition and what I think is an overlooked aspect of the deal, especially as it related to Xoopit's CloudQuery service. Check it out: Will Yahoo Use Xoopit's CloudQuery to Help Usher in the Real-Time Web?"

Well...to me the missed opportunity was Xoopit's failed(low offer for CloudQuery.com prior to the sale to Yahoo and Yahoo not getting the domain name prior to the deal with xoopit.

This is a real chance to make their failure OUR OPPORTUNITY.

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