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January 14, 2010


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John Carmody

I like the idea

You need to do your day job first and hit the metrics, the housekeeping. That gets creditability.

"find_a_problem_that_interests_you" - yep I go with that as well, after all you'll do better if you have some passion for it.

The bit I'm unsure about is the new_employee == true -> dont_innovate().

New people arriving in with lots of questions, external knowledge, experience, and stimulus has them in exactly the right frame of mind to innovate? Maybe my question is how long are you a new person ?

Steve Todd


In my experience when a new employee puts in a solid 6-9 months of productivity, they've built up some credibility and influence.

I do agree that there are exceptions to the rule: new team members that really hit the ground running.

Maybe I should fix my code ;>)


John Carmody

I think it's a great format to communicate the idea in a presentation. I'd say leave it as is !

It's the techie in me that says ...
if its not broke ... keep adding features until it is.

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