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April 28, 2008


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Stanislav Simakov

Are you going to visit Center of Excellence in St. Petersburg?

Steve Todd

Yes my plan is to visit the CoE in St. Petersburg. I was there in November. I loved the city.


Why didn't you just tell your friend you were not ready to get all techy just yet? Sobbing internally cannot be healthy....

I am taking the week after my daughter's college graduation off - I hope I can come back as relaxed as you sound. I have made the mistake of taking classes that are too related to my job, and the semester starts at the beginning of my vacation. I'll probably be excited to come back to work. There is something wrong with me I think.

When will they open submissions for the Innovation Conference?

Steve Todd

It's my office and I'll sob if I want to (or not)!
Look for innovation submissions in early June.
See ya

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