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February 06, 2008


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Polly Pearson


I LOVE your analogy likening the EMC work climate to a playground. It nails our ‘special sauce’ in a great way. It is hard to explain to people the thrill you get here … why you might want to work for a company as long as we have (this will be my 17th year.) The fact is that there is a continual thrill of risk and new learning at EMC – the type of challenge I started to refer to as “Smart Fun”.

I adore variety so time on the EMC playground for me has involved playing on a lot of the equipment – with a seesaw tossed in from time to time. (No risk; no glory) I began in public relations and investor relations and dabbled in corporate giving and employee communications. I swung full time to investor relations for several years until that game was pretty much mastered and therefore not as much fun. The next equipment I tried was the corporate marketing jungle gym. It was fun but involved too much time waiting in line to play – lots of internal meetings, negotiations and recalibrations. I’ve been playing on another piece of equipment for the past three years, Human Resources. At first it was like dangling in air wondering if it was the right move but then the hand lands on that next monkey bar and the thrill of “Smart Fun” happens all over again!

- Polly Pearson
VP EMC Strategy Engagement and Employment Brand

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