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Steve's CV can be found here.


Steve is the author of the high-tech books Innovate With Influence and Innovate With Global Influence.

He currently an EMC Fellow and the Director of EMC's Global Innovation Network. EMC is a multi-national corporation with R&D capabilities on all six continents.


Steve grew up in Dorchester and Lynn, Massachusetts before settling in at North Andover High School, MA, and is a proud member of the Scarlet Knight basketball fraternity, which has qualified for the Mass State Tournament for over 50 years running. He graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire in 1987, and immediately enrolled in grad school at UNH. Twenty years later he received his degree. Long story...


Steve has spent his entire career working on as many high-tech products and technologies as he could get his hands on. Products include CLARiiON, Navisphere, Storage Scope, PowerPath, Centera, VNXe, and Unisphere. Technologies include RAID, failover, caching, management technologies, databases, device drivers, and CAS. Steve enjoys the creative process and has been a finalist in the yearly EMC Innovation Showcase for five years out of six. He is continually leading EMC in the creation of new ideas, as evidenced by the generation of over 200 patent applications on which he is named. In May of 2011 he became the Director of EMC's Global Innovation Network. In October of 2012 he was selected by his company as an EMC Fellow.


Steve's wife Katy and kids Becky and Matthew share one hobby: travel. In the early 2000s Steve yanked both his kids out of elementary school for 6 weeks, bid adieu to EMC and camped cross-country between California and Florida. They've recently completed trips to Ireland and Scotland, as well as Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, the Carribean, Italy, and Russia, Egypt, Israel, India, and China.


Steve's grandfather was a Methodist minister. Steve's Dad is a Methodist minister. Steve's uncle is a Methodist minister. Steve's sister is a Methodist minister. Steve met his wife at Methodist church camp. Needless to say Steve was encouraged to participate in church life, and actively serves in many capacities at Liberty Church, on the Board of Directors, with the youth programs, and as a playwright and director for many drama productions. He has earned a Diploma in Bible and Theology, and is a trained Stephen Minister.


In addition to travel, Steve's interest are mostly outdoor pursuits, including camping, splitting wood all winter, pond hockey, skiing, Boy Scout camping trips, and hiking with his son. Hiking exploits can be found here and Utah rafting/fishing trip can be found here.